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Thanks Aaron.

You cannot open a newspaper, go online, watch tv or listen to the radio without hearing bad news about our economy. It is easy to let this whole mess get to you. Let's examine this recession talk for a minute.

My ever advancing age means that i have lived through a few of these, some worse than others. Hands down, the one in the early 80’s, with its 20 plus percent interest rates and high unemployment was far worse than what we are seeing now. In fact, my wife and I lost a very good business during that recession. We went from profitable to bust in just a couple of months. At the time we had just been married for a couple of years and our son was just a couple of months old. Ouch!

How we survived is how i would suggest anyone handle this situation: stay plugged in to your local church. Stay connected. Continue worshipping and giving. That is exactly what we did in 81. Don’t let this thing throw you off course. Remember that we are on God's economy. The God who’s eye is on the sparrow. The same God that states when we ask for bread, he doesn’t give us a stone. Our God, who supplies all of our needs, knows no recession and honors his word. We must trust God in all areas of our life and that includes in our finances and giving. Give to your local church as well as other ministires. Keeping yourself in a local body and connected to others will give you the necessary moral support.

Do not hide but run to the lord with all of your concerns and needs. He is a personal God and cares for you.

Be thankful in all things.

Do not let this financial situation silence you, continue to share the gospel with those around you. They may be in the same boat and your words of encouragement will be a blessing

That rough patch we experienced over twenty five years ago didn’t kill us. We did lose most of our possessions but not our lives and we certainly did not starve. It did make us more sensitive to others in the same dilemma and we did learn to trust God for all things, which is a must.

The other good news is that, had it not been for that failure, I wouldn’t be here, behind this microphone, talking to you now. It was that situation that brought me back to christian radio. For which I am grateful.

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